Yigdal Adonai / Shir Hamalot : CD


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– erste Auflage “Yigdal Adonai” (Herausgeber: Shemen Sasson) oder:
– Nachfolgeversion “Shir Hamalot” (Herausgeber: Sheli Myers)

Live Aufnahme von israelischem Lobpreis (hebräisch, Texte auch auf Englisch im Heft) einer messianischen Gemeinde in Jerusalem.

„Live Hebrew worship music from a vibrant, local Israeli Messianic fellowship – featuring the songwriting and vocal talents of worship leader Sheli Myers. „Yigdal Adonai“ captures the flavor and energy of Israel and the Middle East with authentic instruments, rich harmonies, and lyrics birthed from the Bible. Included with every CD is the full album notes and lyrics in both Hebrew and English.“
The album ‘Shir Hamalot’ is just like “Yigdal Adonai” version in jewel case. It’s the same exact production, hard CD with a full booklet of songs insude, only a different title, and one less song; ‘Yigdal Adonai’ included a song called ‘ Yeshuah Melech’,  but ‘Shir Hamaalot’ doesn’t include it..